viernes, 10 de mayo de 2013

Michi Strengtholic 5600mAh

Michi Strengtholic 5600mAh

Recharge your battery with a sense of fashion! This stylish battery
charger looks absolutely cool. Extreme powerful charger for most
smartphone and tablet, built-in environmental-friendly Samsung
lithium-ion battery with 5600mAh capacity extends your battery life up
to 6000 hours. Ideal for long-haul power users. Sharp and attractive
appearance, from cool black or white, hot red, chic neon green to
sweetie tangerine etc, there are up to 16 vibrant colors. Pick one
color that reflects your lifestyle and personality.

- 5600mAh Capacity
- Perfect Protection
- Portable
- Most Models
- LED Indicators
- 16 Colours Available

- Battery type: Samsung lithium-ion
- Input: 5V-1A
- Output: 5V-2.1A(MAX)
- Capacity: 5600mAh
- Self charging time: 3-4hrs
- Battery life: 6000hrs
- Product size: 97mm x 44mm x 22mm
- Product weight: 123g

- Purple
- Magenta
- Red
- Orange
- Yellow
- Green
- Cyan
- Coffee
- Brown
- Pink
- Light Purple
- Lime
- Black
- Dark Gray
- Gray
- White

Package Contents:
- One piece USB output Li-ion battery
- One piece Micro USB cable

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